However important the role of Information Technology in education is today, there is still no substitute for the critical role for teachers. Recognizing this, Tenby has placed great emphasis on management of our educators. Modern educational institutions need to recognize employees with leadership potential and talent, and prioritize training, professional development, and support for our educators.

Tenby Schools hold a high standard of recruitment policy and appoint experienced and internationally trained expatriate teaching staff. At the same time, locally appointed teachers are carefully selected and given additional training in international approaches to teaching and learning. The teachers also are given the opportunity and support for continuous professional development programs internally as well as externally, so that they learn and apply the best practices in education and the same time making Tenby Schools at the forefront of improving teaching and learning in Malaysia.

Tenby Schools remain committed to provide high quality education through progressive and innovative teaching methodologies by a high caliber mix of expatriate and local educators.