Dear Parents / Guests,

Welcome to Tenby International School at Setia Eco Hills. Teaching and learning is at the fore front of our educational philosophy and through this we aim to prepare our young learners for the adult world.

The essence of this school is that it puts great teachers together with great students. It gives each the resources, facilities and freedom to get on with learning. It adapts the best of both traditional and modern teaching and assessment pedagogy. Results are constantly reviewed and targets set to bring improvement.

Education is more than just grades.  Grades are certainly the ‘passport’ that students need to move on to the next stage of their lives and that employers will take account of in the future.  But, the real art of education is to develop the confidence and self-worth of the young person holding the ‘passport’ that grades provide.  Moral values and the soft skills of empathy, communication, team-working and time management are just as important to develop the confidence that is so central to any young person’s future.  

We hope you will get a real flavour of our outstanding academics as well as our impressive campus.  Our focus is on the whole child so we offer a holistic educational approach to ensure we develop all of the child by offering many different learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. We are a very supportive school and we ensure your child is given this to ensure they maximise their potential as they grow and develop throughout the years.


Claire Bell

Head Of School