Application Fee (Non-refundable) RM 500
Registration Fee (Non-refundable) RM 1,000 *Nursery & Reception
RM 3,000 *Year 1 onwards
Nursery 3,520 3,520 580
Reception 3,520 3,520 580
Year 1 4,180 4,180 580
Year 2 5,020 5,020 580
Year 3 5,830 5,830 -
Year 4 6,270 6,270 -
Year 5 6,800 6,800 -
Year 6 7,100 7,100 -
Year 7 8,220 8,220 -
Year 8 8,220 8,220 -
Year 9 9,380  9,380 -
Year 10 9,900  9,900
Year 11  9,900 14,850 **  


  • Fees DO NOT include books, uniform, transportation, food, co-curricular activities, educational visits, and external examination fees.
  • The Application Fee is payable prior to taking the Entrance Assessment and is non-refundable. The Registration Fee and Deposit are payable on the issuance of the Letter of Offer. Registration Fee is non-refundable.
  • School term fees and other fees are invoiced termly, and payable upon the commencement of every term (3 terms in an academic year)
  • The School reserves the right to impose a late payment charge of 5% per annum on all outstanding fees which have not been paid by the 15th day from the commencement of the School term.
  • Parent/Guardian are to give a written notice on/before the first day of the term that the student is leaving the School at the end of the term. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the refundable deposit.
  • The deposit is to be maintained throughout the School term and shall be topped-up such sum as may from time to time be required to maintain the said deposit to be equivalent to One (1) term’s School fees according to the student’s year of study. The deposit shall not be treated as or utilized towards payment of School term fee or any part thereof.
  • School fees will be reviewed annually. Parent/Guardian will be given one term’s notice of any changes to the fees.
  • Payments are to be made by cash or cheque payable to “TENBY ECOHILL SDN BHD”. The bank details are as follows:

    Payable To  : Tenby Ecohill Sdn Bhd
    Account No : 5083 1956 6377
    Swift Code  : MBBEMYKL
    Bank          : Malayan Banking Berhad