At Tenby, we offer the Cambridge International A-Level and AS-Level Programme. The Sixth Form comprises 18 months of study (Years 12 and 13) with students typically joining us at age 16 and completing their studies at age 18. During this time, we provide a high quality, secure and supportive environment with small classes that encourage our students to progress through A-Levels in a seamless manner. Our students are treated like adults, working and learning in an adult environment, which will be busy and challenging. The Sixth Form is all about developing independent learners, with guidance and coaching by our qualified staff.

As part of the scheduled timetable all students will be offered a variety of opportunities for community participation, personal development, team building and out of school visits. The aim of the Tenby Community Enrichment Programme is to raise confidence to improve interpersonal skills and to increase students’ profile in and around the school and local community as a whole.

For more information on our offerings, please see our Sixth Form Prospectus.


Leadership Opportunities at Tenby Sixth Form

As Tenby's community continues to grow over time, so do its opportunities for our Sixth Form students. At Tenby, we pride ourselves in providing our students with real-world skills such as teamwork and effective communication, skills which are gained through the valuable experience of leadership roles. Aside from the positions of Head Boy and Head Girl, many of our Sixth Form students have taken have taken risks to start their very own events, where they lead their team and challenge themselves to produce something they've never done before, such as the annual Charity Carnival, the Tenby KL Model United Nations conference and other Inter-House competitions.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award


As students in the sixth form, we are exposed to various different opportunities to improve and prepare ourselves for the future. By joining Tenby’s sixth form, students take on the Duke of Edinburgh's international award (DofE). DofE aims to help develop and ameliorate the life skills of its participants. Sixth formers take on the Silver award which consists of 4 major components: Service, Physical, Skills and The Adventurous Journey. Participants are required to clock in a certain amount of time of their services, physical and skill sections and it increases based on the level of the award. There will be an Online Record Book where participants can log their activity weekly or monthly. The most exciting part of the award is the Adventurous Journey (or AJ as we call it) because this is where the participants embark on an outdoor adventure spending 3 days and 2 nights hiking. On the trip, participants will be able to develop independence and survival skills in the outdoor world and improve their relationships among their peers and make new friends. Having a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Certificate not only improves your CV for a student’s future university or job application, but would also change and develop one’s self to become a better individual. It is surely a life-changing experience and through the award, participants can find new interest, broaden their life experiences, and lastly, make lasting friendships along the way.

Written by Sean Seow and Wayne Thong 2017