Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

Parent/Student Policy


Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park (KL) is committed to supporting a diversified and balanced programme of co-curricular activities as part of its curriculum. It sees the goal of such activities as the life enrichment of each student through development of good sportsmanship, skills, health, strength, self-reliance, emotional maturity, and social growth. The CCA programme is designed to meet the needs and interests of all students.

General Expectation

Involvement in the CCA activities of Tenby Schools SEP is important for all students.We are concerned with the holistic development of the whole person. Therefore, participation in the CCA activities is a central element of our educational process and not an ‘optional extra’.The co-curricular activities provide students with the opportunity to:

  • integrate among students of both schools.
  • experience activities which may become a life-long interest.
  • improve skill development in a variety of pursuits.
  • help build confidence, raise self-esteem and give an increased sense of accomplishment.
  • develop one’s character.
  • develop new friendships outside of one’s own group.
  • gain enjoyment from participation.

Our CCA programme caters to all students in Key Stage 1, Primary and Secondary.The list of subjects may vary from one term to another as we strive to introduce a more diversified programme.We currently have over 160 CCAs available to our students.

CCA Code of Conduct

Non-participation in CCAs is not an option. Once a commitment to a sport or activity is made it must be honoured throughout the entire term.Students must also be aware that if they select more than the minimum requirements, then they must commit to each activity in its entirety. They are not able to withdraw from an activity once they have committed to it.

Participation in CCA activities is a privilege, it is important that students, parents and interested persons be aware of the following rules and regulations. These rules are adopted in order to support and promote a fair, healthy, enriching, and safe co-curricular activities for all students.

1.            It is compulsory that all students (except KS1) take part in at least one and no more than three CCAs.


2.            CCA payments must be submitted along with the CCA application forms to the CCA department. If payment for chosen CCAs is not submitted along with the application forms then CCAs will not be allocated.


3.            Students will not be allowed to change the CCAs allocated to them, and refunds will not be permitted (for allocated CCAs). Students will be offered the opportunity to change their CCAs at the end of every term.


4.           CCA Allocation Process - The school aims to give every student their first choice, but when CCAs are oversubscribed, allocation of CCAs will be based on a first come first serve basis as well as considering students’ second, third, fourth or fifth choices as an alternative so think seriously about these choices.


5.            Please ensure the application form is filled in correctly and in full, including the students’ full name and class together with their choices clearly stated and the number of CCAs they wish to take.


6.            Please clearly state the number of CCA you wish to do in the application form.  There is no guarantee a student will be able to do more than one CCA; due the popularity of some CCAs the priority will go to students who have chosen this option as their first choice.


7.            Forms handed in late or incomplete will only be processed after the allocation of pupils who have handed in the form on time.


8.            There is no guarantee that if a student signs up for a CCA in term one they will automatically get the same CCA in term two or three as we would like all students to have the opportunity to cover a breadth of activities over a year.  If it is important to you to continue with the same CCA then please express this interest to the CCA department.


9.            Tenby School will cancel a CCA if minimum numbers of students do not sign up for a particular CCA.


10.          CCA times are as follow:

14.40hrs to 15.30hrs for KS1 students (50 minutes)

14.40hrs to 15.40hrs for KS2 and Secondary students (1 hour)


11.          For KS2 and Secondary CCAs, students are to make their own way to and from CCAs.  KS1 procedures require teachers/coaches pick students up from their designated meeting areas in primary (assigned classroom) between 14.30hrs – 14.40hrs and escort them to their CCA venue. At the end of the session students are to be escorted to the Foyer area where they will be collected by parents/guardians.


12.          Submission of CCA Application forms:

KS1, Std 1 / Primary – To class teacher who will submit to the CCA department

Secondary – Students to submit directly to the CCA department

Admissions and Finance WILL NOT accept CCA Application forms.


***Completing an application form and submitting payment DOES NOT guarantee a student their chosen CCA(s).It is only when CCAs have been allocated and published on the information boards in the canteen areas/servery that students are informed of what they have been allocated***

If you require further clarification on any of the above then please email

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