Security Verification at the Main Entrance

1. Parents must display a Tenby SEG car sticker on the right side of the car’s windscreen if they want to drive onto the school campus.
2. All parents/guardians/drivers/helpers are required to wear their school ID card whenever they are on campus.
3. Parents who forget to bring their school ID card must register at the security gate and present a suitable alternative ID, which contains a photo (for example, a driver’s license). 
4. Drivers/domestic helpers who regularly accompany students to and from school must be registered with the school and be issued with an ID card. Unregistered drivers/domestic helpers will not be permitted to enter the school.
5. Application for and collection of new ID cards is made through the school office. Please contact the school office. You can download the application form here.
6. For those vendors/visitors who do not have a school ID card they will need to register at the security gate and present a suitable alternative ID, which contains a photo (for example, a driving license). The security will issue a temporary visitors/vendors pass.
7. If you have an appointment with teachers/staff, please wait at the School Office. We will contact the staff member involved.
8.  Nobody is to be allowed to enter the campus after 5.00pm unless it is returning from a school field trip, sports fixture or other school event that has been approved by the Head of Schools.
9. A member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team will be on campus until 5:00pm every day.
10. For students who want to drive onto the school campus, they will need to obtain consent from their Head of School and submit a copy of their driving license to the School Office.
11. Parents of Secondary-aged students who wish for their child to leave school on foot or cycling at the end of the day, must give written permission in advance. Students who leave the campus on foot will be required to register at the security gate as they leave. The student’s name will then be verified that parents have given permission. 
12. The School does not recommend ride-hailing services such as Grab as an appropriate means of school transportation. Any parents wishing for their child to use such as service must give written permission in advance. The Grab vehicle will be stopped at the gate until confirmation of such permission with the school office. If no permission is on record, the secretary needs to verify the arrangement with the parents before allowing the students to leave. This will lead to a delay in your child leaving the campus and the Grab driver will have to wait. Parents should email or write to the school office in advance with details such as, their own child’s name only (not the name of other children), pick up dates and pick up time.
13. Parents of students for whom points 11 and 12 apply regularly can request a Special Transport Arrangements from the school office. 

 Pick Up & Drop Off

 1. The school main gate is opened from 7.00am to 8.30am for morning drop off. 
 2. Parents should not drop off their child before 7.00am alone in school unsupervised.
 3. Students are expected to wait in the dining room if they arrive before 7.30am as teachers will start their duty at 7.30am.
 4. The School cannot accept responsibly for the active supervision of students who are dropped off before 7:30 am.
 5. All parents are to drop off and pick up their children at the designated drop off zone.
 6. To encourage independence in our learners, parents/guardians are requested to leave the campus by 8:30 am unless attending a meeting or event, to allow the students to settle and begin their daily routine. 
 7. Due to the number of students on campus and for safety reasons, the guards and office staff are unable to accept items to be passed to your child after 8:30 am, once the school day has started. Anything forgotten at home will need to be brought to school the next day.
 8. The school gate is open from 1.50 pm for pickup of Early Years’ children. 
 9. Parents and drivers of all other students are also welcome to enter the campus when the gate re-opens but are requested to park their vehicles in designated parking bays and wait in the dining room or the vehicle until their children are dismissed, and are not to enter the other school buildings and classrooms.
 10. Parents are expected to pick up their children promptly at 3.00 pm if the child is not attending a CCA, or at 4.00 pm straight after their CCA ends.  
 11. Students are not to be left unsupervised in the dining room and must join a CCA instead. Paid supervision is available for Primary students. Secondary students must join the ‘Homework Club’ or join a CCA.


It is our policy to ensure that all our staff, daily onsite contractors and CCA coaches have completed Safeguarding Training. The school has officially appointed a Designated Safeguarding Lead and we have put in place a safeguarding policy that is applicable to the whole school. 

All of our staff, CCA coaches, listed drivers, and daily onsite contractors, such as security guards, cleaners and caterers have also gone through an official and thorough background check. 

 First Aid

All staff are required to attend first aid training, with many of the colleagues also trained in the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). We have put up signage for staff to locate the nearest first aid boxes.

 General Safety Measures

1. Teachers are on duty in designated areas during break and lunch times, pick up and drop off times.
2. The School conducts fire drills and lockdown drills on a termly basis. 
3. There is an emergency announcement system in school for immediate information to be announced in all buildings and classrooms.
4. We have engaged a licenced and professional company to service our fire extinguishers annually. 
5. Regular Safety Walks are conducted by the Senior Leadership Team.
6. CCTV is installed in various locations for monitoring the safety of our students.