Sekolah Sri Tenby (SST)

  1. What is the Curriculum used in SST?

    We are using the Malaysian National Curriculum similar to the Malaysian government public schools.

  2. What is the medium of instruction that will be used in SST?

    SST is a school which is approved to teach in Englsih and Bahasa Malaysia under the Dual language Programme of the Ministry of Education. As such, the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematic subjects  is English, while other subjects will be taught in BM. The students will benefit tremendously in the mastery of English and Bahasa Malaysia

  3. Will students be answering questions in English at PT3 and SPM for Science and Mathematics?

    Students have the option to answer in English as long as the questions are bilingual. According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), questions will start only being available in BM starting from 2019 for PT3 and 2021 for SPM. This will be in line with the Malaysian public schools.

  4. What is the difference between Malaysian Government Public Schools and Tenby Malaysian Private School?

    • We are housed together with Tenby International School (TIS) at our Setia Eco Gardens campus, sharing all facilities with our sister school.
    • We maintain an international environment and school ethos.
    • We select teachers who are conversant in both BM and English and English will be prominently used as tools of communication.
    • We offer a diversified choice of co-curricular activities which will cater for the development in soft skills, fine arts, social and physical skills.

  5. Is swimming be included in the PE lessons? 

    We have qualified swimming instructors and a standard size swimming pool which will allow students to participate in swimming during PE lessons.

  6. Is Mandarin being taught at SST? 

    Yes, every student will be given the choice to take Mandarin as a subject at PT3 and SPM levels.

  7. What are the advantages of choosing SST? 

    SST will share the same teaching and learning environment as TIS. Students can then also proceed to do their SPM and make a choice post SPM to do IGCSE A-levels or International Baccalaureate or even STPM.

  8. Is there any support for students to improve their English and BM while studying at SST? 

    Yes, students can enrol in the English Language Support (ELS) and BM Enrichment (BME) programmes.

  9. What is the weekend for SST? 

    SST will observe Saturday and Sunday as its weekend.

  10. Will the school term at SST be the same as the Government Public Schools? 

    We will follow as closely as possible to the Malaysian government school terms with some slight modifications. We abide by the minimum 190 schooling days as required by the Education Regulations.