At Tenby Schools, SEG, we believe in the holistic development of the child. These 10 attributes represent the qualities that we aim to instil in our students in order to help them become responsible members of society and embody the Tenby Schools Vision: A United World at Peace Through Education

Compassionate They are thoughtful and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, respecting differences and cultural diversity, as well as embracing similarities. They show respect for their environment and endeavour to make a positive contribution and take action towards a peaceful world.
Principled They take ownership of their own actions and consequences, have a strong sense of right from wrong, and are able to act and make choices accordingly. They are trustworthy, honest and ethical, model integrity, and understand the rights and responsibility of themselves and others.
Communicator They listen attentively, express ideas and opinions, and convey messages and information clearly and confidently to a variety of audiences. They demonstrate a willingness to listen to the views and ideas of others. Usually, they are also adept in more than one language.
Creative They use their imagination to offer original ideas and alternative thoughts, and use their initiative to complete tasks and solve problems. They may also demonstrate a readiness to take risks in order to overcome challenges in a number of different and innovative ways.
Leader They aim to motivate others in a democratic manner in order to achieve collective success. They are dedicated and passionate role models, guiding others towards well-informed choices and decisions. Leaders have a clear vision of the way forward and encourage others to help achieve their goals.
Independent They are prepared to go beyond their comfort zone, to think resourcefully and resiliently by persevering through new challenges. They strive to acquire new knowledge, and apply new skills and concepts. They are adept at working on their own or collaboratively and with limited guidance.
Responsible They are in charge of their own learning journey and regularly challenge themselves to succeed. They appreciate the importance of setting targets and goals, and organising their time and resources. They demonstrate a commitment to and accountability for their own actions.
Resilient They keep trying and never give up, safe in the knowledge that making mistakes is part of the learning process. They are willing to ask for help and act upon feedback given, able to accept constructive criticism positively. They embrace challenges and always aim to succeed.
Collaborative They work together as a team, respecting their peers and their contributions. They strive to build positive relationships and understand the benefits of cooperation. They are thoughtful and adaptable.
Thinker They demonstrate creative and critical thinking skills, using their initiative when offering answers to questions posed. They are skilled in problem solving and able to make informed decisions. They are reflective and recognise their own strengths and weaknesses.