It is a pleasure to introduce you to Tenby Schools Penang - a unique campus hosting both British International and Malaysian Private Schools, whose reputation of excellence in education, high quality teaching and wider student experience places it among the best value schools in the area.

The campus was built in 2011 and is fully integrated between the two schools. The International School follows  the  International  Primary  Curriculum  (IPC), National Curriculum for England (UK), IGCSE and A Level programmes, and the Malaysian Private School follows the Malaysian National Curriculum.

Our academic results are excellent and we take every opportunity to give  our  students  enough   knowledge, confidence and varied life skills so that they can open the doors to the possibilities of our rapidly changing society. After all, a true measure of a school is not what its students are doing when they are 18; it is what have they have done when they are 80.

We bring together students from different cultures and nationalities to educate them to become global citizens of the future - young people with respect for one another, confidence in themselves and the determination to become outstanding achievers.

The School has the highest expectations of students and staff; each child is considered as individual and precious, and commits to a holistic approach to school life. We are not a one-dimensional exam factory but a school that offers wider experiences across our core values.

A rich range of academic resources complements our modern campus, with state-of-the-art technologies integrated into the curriculum and classrooms. Among our priorities is the continuous support to update teachers with the latest ideas and methodologies so that they can use them to stimulate students. We take great pride in the way lessons are taught; teachers are focused on our students and their learning, while our students are encouraged to be critical learners and to be involved in their own learning.

I warmly encourage students and their families to visit our campus to see how we do things differently. You will not be disappointed because prospective students nearly always choose Tenby Penang after they have spent some time with us.

We welcome you to join our ambitious, busy, happy and unique community.


lain Sallis

Campus Principal