It is a pleasure to welcome you to Tenby Schools Penang where we strive to provide our students with the opportunity to learn at levels where they surprise themselves and others.  We believe that this is what amazing learning looks like.

Our school provides education for students from the ages of three to eighteen. The school’s experienced staff of local and expatriate teachers are dedicated to providing children with the very best that education has to offer, with opportunities to study an International curriculum in our International School or the Malaysian curriculum in our National School. Our academic results are excellent, and we strive to provide our students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a globally mobile, competitive world.

Learning takes place in a modern campus with state-of-the-art technologies. Teachers are encouraged to develop their own practice through continuous support, which in turn enhances the learning experiences of all students. Our students are encouraged to become critical thinkers and to take responsibility for their own learning.  Our students understand that learning should be a good struggle and that getting better takes effort.

In addition to encouraging academic excellence, Tenby Schools Penang aspires to instil integral life lessons encompassing self-discipline, integrity and empathy into the hearts and minds of the children throughout their time here. Education does not only take place in the classroom but on the sports pitch, while performing on stage or exploring in the field, and so all students are encouraged to take risks, develop existing interests or try new ones.

A child’s time at school must be a period of growth for each individual to explore their mind’s full potential. As the children develop, they have the chance to become an elder of the School, to mentor younger children, to put something back into the community – to learn to lead. Tenby Schools Penang brings children together from many backgrounds to learn and grow together. We aim to see all our students develop the confidence to take their rightful place amongst the best and the brightest, able to work at any level in any part of the world.

An education at Tenby Schools Penang starts with your child being able to say: “I didn’t realise I could do that until now!”  If you would like to find out more, please come and take a tour, meet the staff and children, and see the outstanding facilities we enjoy.


Jeanne Denyer

Campus Principal