Tenby Penang Student Leadership Council, or, better known as the TPSLC, was established only in 2016 following the merge of a productive Student Council alongside the body of prolific Student Leaders. Although a foreign concept at the time, the TPSLC members have fast grown accustomed and worked to strive in the affiliation, now acting as a diligent organisation that incorporates the student population in independently-run events such as Beach Clean-ups and Prom.

As the supposed voice of the student body, the TPSLC, as an assembly, aims to take on complete representation of all aspects of the school. This includes an elected spokesperson from each class in Tenby Penang’s secondary school, as well as the consideration of the Primary School’s own Council and the incorporation of both International and National schools in the group. In order to achieve a wider efficiency, the TPSLC functions in separate committees, one of each has two appointed student leaders—specifically a Sixth Former apace with a Year 11 student—and a teacher adviser. With this, existing boards such as Events, Sports, Charity and various other groups include the specialised discussion of school activities to successfully attain an inventive and functioning council.

The TPSLC not only benefits the wellbeing of the general student population, but also the representatives directly involved. As a member, an individual will obtain leadership expertise, innovation, critical thinking and a range of vital adult skills.