The first thing we need to ensure is that the child is safe every day. 

Both Tenby and International Schools Partnership are fully committed to ensuring our site, staff and children our safe on campus.

  • We follow UK laws and procedures for child protection and health and safety because we feel the UK laws are some of the most stringent in the world.
  • All of our staff are police checked and record checked  to prove they are safe to work with children this includes criminal convictions. This includes guards, cleaners, CCA coaches, gardeners and kitchen staff. Any adult on site, take out
  • All our staff are stringently trained on the latest Child  Protection procedures and staff are updated regularly to ensure we maintain the highest levels of safety for our young people.
  • New staff that join us have rigorous checks and references and must meet the demands of the police and local authorities in order to work with our children.
  • We have an active Health and Safety committee that ensures our site meets UK standards and covers areas such as Medical provision, Food Hygiene, Fire and Emergency Procedures
  • We have regular Fire Practice and Intruder Alarm practices and we have 25 trained first aiders on site as well as a full time qualified nurse.
  • Regular Health and Safety inspections take place with our Tenby team and International Schools Partnership leads to ensure the site is safe.