Year 10 Scholarship Announcement 2018 



Dear Parents

I am delighted to announce the offer of 2 Tenby Scholarships for September 2018 for current Year 9 students. This will apply to those who will enter into Year 10 respectively in September 2018.

The scholarship discounts range from 50% to 100% from total fees. This means maximum 4 x 50% or 2 x 100% scholarships could be offered based on applications and interviews.

Below is the criteria for your perusal and we would encourage applicants to complete the form attached or go via our website for details.

The final date for scholarships entries is:

14th May 2018 – Deadline for internal candidates and external candidates

All applications must be sent to Tenby Schools Penang admissions office or emailed to

Applicants must provide the below:

1. An applicant must fulfil the Scholarship criteria and entry requirements of the programme applied for.

 2. The following documents must be enclosed with the completed application form

       a) Admission Application Form (for applicants not already students of Tenby Schools);

       b) Examination certificates or results slip;

       c) Testimonial from current school Principal (for applicants not already students of Tenby Schools);

       d) Two (2) most recent school Examination/Progress Reports;

       e) Any relevant certificates or testimonials in additional to(c) above;

       f) One (1) recent passport size (colour) photograph;

      g) A copy of the applicant’s Identity Card/Passport; and

      h)  Any other supporting documents


Conditions of Scholarship Awards

1) Aims of Tenby Scholarships

 a) To encourage academically able and talented students to seek admission to Tenby schools irrespective of their financial circumstances.

b) To give recognition and support to high performing and talented students.

2) Principles

a)  Scholarships are available to both Malaysian and expatriate students currently studying or wishing to study at Tenby Schools.

b) Scholarships are awarded on the basis of either overall academic performance or exceptional talent within arts or sport. For exceptional talent, the students must have achieved above average academic results.

c) Scholarships are normally awarded for the full period of a specific academic programme (e.g. for the 2 years of an A level, IGCSE or SPM programme.)

3)  The award is for the duration of the IGCSE/SPM/A level course and is subject to review at the end of each academic year.

4) The award may be terminated at any time if the student fails to abide by the school policies, procedures or expectations of behaviour or study.

5) All decisions made by the Tenby Scholarship Committee or its representative are final and not subject to appeal.

Any further queries please contact admissions office for details.

Kind Regards

Iain Sallis

Campus Principal