ISP Buddy Exchange Programme (BEP)

Your adventure starts HERE!

The first year of the ISP Buddy Exchange Programme (BEP) was a great success. Fifty students from twenty ISP schools took part in student exchanges in ISP schools in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia, UAE and Qatar. Some of the words used by our students to describe their experience of the programme include:


The BEP enables reciprocal learning exchanges between ISP schools for a period of one month for students from 14 –17 years of age. The programme delivers a unique international and cultural learning experience enabling students to develop their language skills, share good practice and cultivate long-term friendships.

Programme details:

For students from 14 - 17 years of age enroled in one of the following years (or equivalent): 

    • Year 10 - Year 12 (British curriculum)
    • Form 3 – 5 (Malaysian curriculum)
    • Once-in-a-lifetime international experience
    • One month reciprocal exchanges for students enroled in an ISP school.
    • Buddy Exchange families must host the visiting student in their home.
    • A maximum of four students per school in the 2019/20 academic year.


All programme information including details about the registration process can be found in the BEP Handbook. Student registration is open until the 7th November 2019 with the exchanges taking place between January and June 2020.