International and Local Trips at Tenby

At Tenby Schools Penang we ensure you get a truly International experience. Part of this is actually going to new international destinations. Students, teachers and some parents get the opportunity to travel and learn in many places across the globe including USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Europe.


The Secondary school run a trips week called Horizons Week which provides a fantastic opportunity for our students to participate in new activities, visit and experience new cultures and to develop their ‘soft skills’ in working with others and stepping outside their comfort zones.  To learn outside of the classroom is very important to us. Horizons Week also provides an important ingredient in building relationships between their peers and their teachers to help to make our school community stronger.

The Primary school run trips to camps in Malaysia. Students can experience life skills of teambuilding, leadership, community and stepping out of their comfort zones to support and aid their development.

All of our trips use experienced providers and are supported by our experienced staff.


“See the latest Horizons Trip Booklet "Here