We are proud to be part of the Council of International Schools and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (USA). The CIS community include 733 schools and 592 colleges and universities representing 112 countries. The Accrediting Commission for Schools, WASC, extends its services to over 4,600 public, independent, church-related, and proprietary pre-K–12 and adult schools, works with 18 associations in joint accreditation processes. ACS WASC provides assistance to schools worldwide, primarily in California, Hawaii, Guam, Asia, the Pacific Region, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe

In October 2017, Tenby Schools Penang underwent a rigorous and thorough (accreditation) inspection, carried out using the CIS and WASC framework. We were visited by 3 accreditors all success ex Principals and educationalists who have worked in  International Education for many years.

The purpose of the accreditation was to provide independent and transparent information to parents, teachers, senior managers and the school’s governors on the overall effectiveness of the school and the standard of education it provides.

The procedure covers 8 key areas and 80 separate standards:

1)      Purpose and Direction

2)      Governance, Leadership and Ownership

3)      The Curriculum

4)      Teaching and Assessing for Learning

5)      The Students Learning and Well Being

6)      Staffing

7)      Premises and Physical Accommodation

8)      Community and Home Partnerships


In our preparatory report we were given many commendations which will support us for the full visit in January 2019. Some of these included:

School Safety

Tenby takes students safety and well-being seriously

It has developed codes of conduct and also a programme in place of annual professional training for faculty and staff regarding safeguarding, child abuse prevention, recognition, intervention and reporting

The Tenby Schools Penang features a pleasant learning environment. It is well maintained, clean and safe.

The founder of the schools and his successor to provide a learning environment that allows both international and national school programmes to share common experiences in an open and accepting atmosphere

Commitment to student safety in emergency situations.

Teaching and Learning

The leadership team for monitoring the taught curriculum

The documented curriculum is broad, balanced and sequenced

Teaching staff for use of multiple processes to track student progress.

A range of formative and summative assessments in each of the four schools

Assessments did include activities involving self-assessment, enquiry, discovery and problem solving


The students and faculties for very high levels of engagement in the classroom

The school has a clear vision for high quality learning

The school culture and environment for learning at Tenby Penang is strong and supportive


The leadership of both programmes monitor what is being taught regularly to ensure taught content matches written

The school staff and leadership for providing clear channels through which students can give input to the school regarding their learning and well being

EAL division are providing a service that results in students growing in knowledge and meeting learning targets.

Schools commitment to professional development and intercultural learning


Tenby Penang has significantly improved its IT infrastructure

The school parents and volunteers for their involvement in a very active Parents Association

Regular formal and informal meetings and emails give parents the opportunity to contribute to a positive learning community

Positive use of a wide range of external partners who enrich learning