The Primary


(In English, Year 1 have been word detectives! They learnt all about compound words, for example rain + bow = rainbow. They decided to make this fun video to showcase their learning on this topic.)

Children move from our Early Years Department to our Primary School the year in which they become six. Our Primary School classrooms are bright and well-resourced and classes have access to outdoor learning areas, a quiet reading area, fantastic sporting facilities, a well-stocked library, an ICT suite, a drama room, music rooms and an auditorium. The aim of our Primary School is to help our children develop the capacity for lifelong learning as well as becoming positive contributors of our global society. We believe we provide a caring, challenging and inclusive environment where children feel happy and safe. The children are encouraged to challenge themselves, think deeply about their learning and take risks in their learning. We use the English National Curriculum for teaching and learning in English and Mathematics and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for all other subjects. The IPC helps children to develop in three ways:
• Academic Learning
• Personal Learning – we use the Personal Goals to help children learn how to behave and relate to others
• International Mindedness – we help children to develop a greater sense of self, as well as understanding their place in a global society

The IPC programme is an inquiry-based curriculum which uses a thematic approach to learning and which encourages the learning of subjects through a central idea. This provides the children with opportunities to develop skills and make meaningful connections while forming new knowledge with deep understanding.


Children have the opportunity to have lessons from specialist teachers for Languages (French, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin Chinese), Physical Education and Music. We have an excellent team of well qualified and motivated staff who have high expectations of themselves and the children within our care. We offer an extensive range of clubs and activities after school to add to the formal curriculum. We believe that strong partnerships between school and home are important and we do all we can to involve parents in their child’s learning experiences.