Richard Davidson

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the Tenby Schools Ipoh’s website, where we share a small taste of what our learning community is all about. You can always be sure of a warm welcome if you visit us in person, and I hope that the information you see here will encourage you to do just that.

We are very fortunate at Tenby Schools Ipoh to be sited on a modern, purpose-built campus, at the foot of glorious hills, on the outskirts of Ipoh. This tranquil location is a little deceptive as it hides a hive of industrious learning; we are a very busy school with enthusiastic learners who have fun, which we define as a mixture of intellectual endeavour coupled with a broad range of co-curricular activities.

Academic progress is very important to us here at Tenby Schools Ipoh and our experienced and qualified national and international staff provide every opportunity for our students to meet and exceed their potential in all areas of academia. From our Early Years to our A-Level classes you can be sure that our students are stretched and challenged, supported and guided, resulting in outstanding results in all of our external examinations and tests, in both the National and International sections of the school. We are regulars at the top table in Perak for UPSR, PT3 and SPM results and our International School students are rewarded each year with Top in the World accolades in subjects as diverse as History, Literature and Mathematics. A testament to the quality of teaching and learning at Tenby Schools Ipoh.

Whilst there is no denying the importance of academic success for our students; university and career pathways demand the high level of excellence that we provide. It is also important to provide a balance with a co-curricular programme that develops the soft skills required for the 21st Century. Future success for our students will include their ability to adapt and change, to collaborate, initiate, lead and communicate. They need to be critical thinkers, they need to be able to solve problems, develop multiple solutions and apply their knowledge in ways that we have yet to identify. The last 100 years has seen an evolution in human lives more rapid, more expansive and more profound than perhaps the 1000 years before this. At Tenby Schools Ipoh we put the development of 21st Century Skills, in preparation for even greater and faster evolution, high on our agenda, and it is our experience that students that develop these are able to achieve greater levels of learning than even the standardized tests and examinations can measure.

We are proud of the sporting, artistic and musical successes of our students, and we are equally proud of their accomplishments with Model United Nations, Debating, Interact and Leadership. Our students leave us as well-rounded individuals who are capable of achieving the greatest of success in any career they choose. This is not simply because of our strong academic and co-curricular programmes, it is also because we care about each and every student on a very personal level. Research shows that students who experience a caring and nurturing environment, such as that at Tenby Schools Ipoh, generally outperform those that are left to their own devices, or who feel unwelcome, unappreciated and isolated.

Our Class Teachers, Home Room Teachers and Form Tutors provide an unparalleled level of care for our students. They pay a great deal of attention to the individual student, their academic progress, their social development, their career and higher education pathways, their successes and their failures, all with the purpose of providing personalized care and attention. The pastoral care provided at Tenby Schools Ipoh provides the platform from which our students spread their wings and soar to ever greater heights. Success is born from the lessons of failure and the safe and caring environment provided here empowers our students to keep on trying, even if at first they do not succeed. This sense of security is not created solely by the school. We at Tenby Schools Ipoh believe passionately in the premise that education is a partnership. Parents, Students and Teachers all have an equal responsibility to create a safe and nurturing environment in which amazing learning will occur. This we do through regular meetings between teachers, leaders, parents and students forming a foundation of strong three-way communication that inspires and empowers our students to develop into the positive global citizens of tomorrow. Our Parent Association in particular is a strong advocate of this partnership that truly benefits our students and staff.

All of us at Tenby Schools Ipoh believe in “A United World At Peace – Through Education”, we are passionate about fulfilling our Mission and ensuring that our Core Values are brought to life through the actions of our Staff, Parents and most importantly our Students. I look forward to welcoming you in person as a member of the Tenby Schools Ipoh community.

Richard Davidson
Head of Schools, Tenby Schools Ipoh