Tenby Ipoh Deepavali
Thank you to all members of Tenby Ipoh community that attended the Deepavali assemblies at TEYCI and Meru Raya Campuses. The combination of dance, music and colourful costume lent itself well to the lively and informative celebrations of the ‘Festival of Light’. It was exhilarating to witness the joyous interactions between the multi-faith and multi-cultural members of the Tenby Family, who brought to life our vision of 'a united world at peace – through education’.

One of the core messages of Deepavali is that of togetherness, that by working together and focusing on the positive we can accomplish anything. Our community is diverse, but we are held together by one certain commonality and that is our humanity. By being willing participants in the celebration of Deepavali, either by being willing to share your faith with others, or by being willing to experience the faith of others, you have demonstrated great humanity, and we at Tenby Schools Ipoh, thank you for this.

We hope that the celebrations experienced today and in the coming week will strengthen the bond of friendship and family that is among you, and that you will experience peace and great joy.

Happy Deepavali.

Richard Davidson
Head of Schools, Tenby Schools Ipoh

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