At Tenby Schools Ipoh, we aim to provide high-quality and student-centred academic programmes to meet the learning needs of your child through a holistic approach to the curricula. Whether your child is in the in the international school or the Malaysian private school, we assure you that he/she will find an enriching learning experience within a caring and vibrant school environment.

STEP 1: To gain admission into Tenby Schools Ipoh, parents will need to complete the Application Form and submit this together with the required documentation*, which are listed below.

For Malaysian Citizens For Non-Malaysian Citizens
1. A copy of both parents’ IC 1. A copy of student’s passport & visa
2. A copy of student’s birth certificate / IC 2. A copy of both parents’ passport
3. A copy of most recent school report 3. A copy of parents’ visas (if relevant)
4. Student’s medical certificates /immunization record 4. A copy of parents’ work permit (if relevant)
5. Three (3) passport sized photographs 
(35mm x 50mm with light blue background)
5. A copy of student’s birth certificate
  6. A copy of most recent school report
  7. Student’s medical certificates/ immunization record
  8. Three (3) passport sized photographs 
(35mm x 50mm with light blue background)

*Please note that ALL documentation must be complete before we can proceed to process your child’s admission.

STEP 2: To pay RM300 non-refundable Application Fee.

STEP 3: To schedule a date and time for your child’s assessment provided there is availability of space.

Admissions Testing
Tenby Schools are non-selective and use CAT4 as a means of assessing potential, in order to best decide whether they will be able to meet a student’s educational needs. The CAT4 on line tests in verbal, non-verbal and quantitative reasoning is used as the Tenby Admissions Test.

Students may be invited in to the school for an additional interview and/or asked to provide further evidence of their aptitude in such areas as English Language and Bahasa Malaysia (Private Malaysian curriculum), before a final decision is made.

Students will sit the test applicable to the year group appropriate for their age.

STEP 4: 
We will inform you on the outcome of the assessment within 7 working days.

If the assessment is successful, a Letter of Offer will be issued. You will then have 10 working days to accept or decline the offer.
If the assessment is unsuccessful, the family will be notified within 10 days, to allow for alternative arrangements for future schooling, to be made. Students who fall into this category may re-apply the following year.

STEP 5: 
To accept the offer, the non-refundable Registration Fee is required within the offer deadline. All fee payments such as deposit and term fee must be made before the start date of school.