Tenby Schools Ipoh is proud to announce that the A Level and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) results of our students, for May/June 2018 examination series, are once again an improvement on the previous years accomplishments.

A vast improvement can be seen especially in A Level. 50% of all A Level grades scoring either an A* or A grade, with 19% attaining an A*. 88% of all results secured A* to B grades, and the percentage for A* to C grades was an amazing 94%. Our Year 13 students also achieved a 100% pass rate for the A Level examination and they deserve to be congratulated on achieving this splendid set of A Level results. A special mention for Matthew Goh Sek Foong who obtained 1A* and 2As in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics respectively.

The IGCSE saw our students achieve fantastic results, both collectively and as individuals. 62% of all IGCSE grades achieved were at an A* or A, and 93% of all the grades were A* to C grade. Our STEM results were particularly outstanding. A* to A grades in Maths was 68%; Additional Maths 52%; Chemistry 73%; Physics 68%; Biology 61%; Design Technology 41% and Information and Communication Technology 65%. Individually 17 students achieved 7 or more grade A* or A in all subjects they sat, a commendable and noteworthy achievement.

Cheryl Yee Zheng Mun (10A*)
Tan Sean-Fern (10A*)
Lam An Ju (9A*, 1A)
Gan Li Lin (8A*, 1A)
Daniel Sim Chee Chien (8A*, 1A)
Janna Ng Qian Zi (7A*, 3A)
Joie Koh Yilin (7A*, 3A)
Yap Shen Hwei (7A*, 3A)
Dhanya Laxmi Nantha Kumar (7A*, 2A)
Grant Choo Way Leong (7A*, 1A)
Eunice Yong Sze Chee (6A*, 5A)
Ang Zhiyuan (6A*, 3A)
Zuhair Mehdee (6A*, 3A)
Praenaay Bhardwaj (6A*, 2A)
Lara Alina Zaman (6A*, 1A)
Praabveer Singh A/L Gurjeet Singh (6A*, 1A)
Alexander Ho Jun Xian (5A*, 5A)

One of our Year 11 students, Tan Sean-Ferng, who obtained 10A* grades said,

“I am very happy with the result and I would like to thank all the teachers for the last 2 years of the Key Stage 4. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to achieve this result.”

As a consequence of his outstanding results, Tan Sean-Ferng has received a scholarship to study A Levels in Charterhouse School in the UK.

From left: Mr Eugene Azor (Head of Tenby International Secondary School Ipoh), Tan Sean-Ferng, Mdm Lau Pin Sian (Deputy Head of International Secondary School Ipoh) and Mr Richard Davidson (Head of Tenby Schools Ipoh)

The Head of Schools of Tenby Schools Ipoh, Mr Richard Davidson commented,

“The outstanding IGCSE and A-Level results achieved by our students are a reflection of the quality of all round education that is provided by Tenby Schools, Ipoh. Our students are afforded a first class international education that balances both high expectations of academic performance with the development of 21 century skills. Our students are supported and inspired by a very experienced and highly qualified faculty that enable them to exceed potential and truly excel. We are very proud of their achievements.”

CONGRATULATIONS to all the students who sat for A Level and IGCSE examinations for their very impressive results!

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