curricular at tenby

Four of the five Tenby Schools are each formed by an international school and a Malaysian private school. While our international schools have adopted such curricula as the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), our Malaysian private schools are based on the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education Malaysia but approached in our unique, international way that lets students experience the best of both worlds.

International School
Malaysian Private School

Taught in English, at Key Stages 1 and 2 (early years and primary) in primary school, the programme is designed to help students achieve high standards in English literacy, mathematics, science and humanities while giving them opportunities to grow skills in art and technology. A creative, thematic, child-centred approach with rigorous assessment is used to ensure a child is not only enjoying their schooling but also reaching the highest possible standards. External assessment by CIE is administered through Checkpoint tests at the end of primary education.


At Key Stages 3 and 4, the English National Curriculum (UK) is implemented between Years 7 and 9, whereby students are exposed to an all-around learning process that covers subjects from English, foreign languages, history and geography to mathematics, sciences, ICT and P.E. At the end of Year 9, they will be taking the Cambridge Checkpoint tests for English, mathematics and sciences.

Finally, in Years 10 and 11 the IGCSE is taught and students will get to further their knowledge in the languages, mathematics, sciences, arts and humanities, social sciences, business, technical and vocational skills, to name a few. Examination will take place at the end of the programme to assess students’ progresses.

ministr of education malaysia

Under Malaysia’s national education system, primary education starts at age 7 and lasts for 6 years. At the end of Year 6, students would sit the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) for Malay, English, science and mathematics. In secondary education, though the medium of instruction is Malay, we take on a bilingual approach in our teaching, with English as the mode of communication and emphasis on ICT as an integral teaching and learning tool. Students’ participation is also encouraged throughout. This helps to highlight the strengths of the Malaysian curriculum amid a vibrant, global environment. Students are required to sit for the Lower Secondary Evaluation (PT3) at the end of Form 3, and finally, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) at the end of Form 5.

The Sixth Form

Cambridge International A Level

The Cambridge International A Level is currently offered in Tenby Schools Ipoh, Penang and Setia Eco Park (Shah Alam) via the Sixth Form (Year 12 & 13).

The programme is an international passport to success in education, university and work. Students choose three or four subjects from the Science, Arts and Humanities groups. As one of the most recognised qualifications around the world, it is accepted as proof of academic ability for entry to universities worldwide.