Tenby Schools student numbers crossed 5,000 in January 2017 and, with the newest school, Setia EcoHill at Semenyih (Selangor) opened in September 2016, is set to grow still further. This will serve as an opportunity to bring Tenby education to more children across the country.

Tenby Schools have come a very long way. The model that has seen spectacular growth is to develop both a National Private School and an International School within each of the campuses. The mission is to deliver high quality international education through progressive and innovative teaching methodologies by a high caliber mix of expatriate and local educators.

This is a very exciting time for international education worldwide. Information Technology offers exciting and innovative new directions for organizing and running schools, for managing effective communication with parents and, most excitingly for genuinely revolutionary changes in how learning takes place and is personalized to meet the needs of each individual learner.

Tenby Schools intends to harness all of these forces to further enhance the ability to provide world class learning and teaching at affordable fee levels. In a challenging economic environment, we perfectly understand that whilst parents want access to international standard education of high quality, we have a duty to innovate to ensure that we can provide it consistently and at fee levels that are reasonable.

However important the role of Information Technology in education is today, there is still no substitute for the critical role of teachers. Recognizing this, we have placed great emphasis on the management of our educators. We look at everything from how we recruit, where we recruit and how we induct new teachers in the Tenby organization. Modern educational institutions need to recognize employees with leadership potential and talent, and prioritise training, professional development and support for educators. Today it is not only young people who need training to be lifelong learners. Teachers in Tenby take their lead from an inspiring and powerful Vision and Mission that provide the spring from which all else flows.

When we take on the responsibility to work with children and prepare them to fulfill their personal potential in the future, we have to acknowledge the significance of that responsibility. At Tenby, we acknowledge that our partnership with parents is a critical ingredient in this equation.

We also believe that it is vital that we all engage in dialogue and debate about what great education should be in the Twenty First Century. Our children are growing up in a rapidly changing world that is massively different to anything that has existed before. This changes what they need from their education. Longer lifespans, fast changing global markets and the forward march of technology mean that today’s children will have to grow up to be a generation with more flexibility, resilience and adaptability than any that has lived before.

Today, we have such access to knowledge and ‘facts’ at our fingertips that the emphasis in education must shift to the skills required to use that knowledge, to synergise knowledge from different sources to arrive at new and creative outcomes. And, perhaps, just as important is the ability to discern and differentiate the quality of information available.

Tenby Schools are committed to bringing this high quality education to more children and to this end, in September 2018 we will open our seventh school at Tropicana Aman, Kota Kemuning (Selangor). This new school is being designed, from inception, to meet the educational needs of Twenty First Century learners in a lush, spacious and conducive environment.

This article was written by Mark Parkinson, CEO of Tenby Schools Malaysia