Tenby SST 

Sekolah Sri Tenby (SST) opened its doors to the first batch of students on the 5th January 2009. We have classes from Std 1 to Form 5. Our tagline is ‘Nurturing Students with a Personal Touch’.

The school aims to give students the skills, knowledge and personal qualities to confidently face the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Students are encouraged to multi-task and take on new challenges on a day-to-day basis in order to foster self-discipline, encourage independent learning and develop personal and social skills. They are given practical life skills that will stand them in good stead wherever their next destination in life may be beyond academia.

The Education System

In SST, we prepare our students to be able to communicate in at least three languages (English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese Language). Science and Mathematics are taught in both Bahasa Malaysia and English for the benefit of our students, enabling them to prepare for further education at local or foreign higher learning institutions.

Both primary and secondary students study Bahasa Melayu, English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Science, Moral/Islamic education and other core subjects as stated in MOE website, To enhance and develop talent among students, we have integrated  Speech and Drama, ICT and Lego Education as part of our primary curriculum.

Students will take examinations as follows:

Standard 6   : UPSR + option of sitting Checkpoint tests administered by Cambridge

                         International Examinations (CIE)

Form 3          : PT3 + option of sitting Checkpoint tests administered by Cambridge

                         International Examinations (CIE)

Form 5         : SPM + option of sitting IGCSE subjects administered by Cambridge

                         International Examinations (CIE)

After our students complete Form 5, they may continue onto complete their CIE A Levels by joining our Sixth Form.

An Integrated Holistic Curriculum

Sekolah Sri Tenby follows the Malaysian curriculum but uses an international approach to learning. We employ an integrated and thematic approach to learning and acquiring knowledge. Students also learn music, fine arts, sports and participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities so as to gain a holistic learning experience.

Our other Unique Features:

  • Acquisition of good learning skills
  • Instil good values and positive discipline
  • Fun and effective approach to learning and acquiring knowledge
  • Mastery approach to enhance students´ understanding
  • Extra emphasis on English
  • An opportunity to learn a third language
  • Good guidance to master Bahasa Melayu
  • Compulsory ICT curriculum designed for each level
  • Imparting of soft skills and social awareness
  • Interactions with peers within an integrated international environment
  • Small class sizes (maximum 25) allowing personal attention to every student
  • Excellence Programmes customised to the needs of the children


Dual Language Programme (DLP) at Sekolah Sri Tenby

Sekolah Sri Tenby has been given the approval to teach Mathematics and Science in English under the Dual Language Programme (DLP) at three entry points (Standard 1, Standard 4 and Form 1) from 2016.  All other classes will join these entry points after 2016.

The DLP is part of the Malaysian government's effort to uphold Bahasa Malaysia and strengthen the usage of English in schools.  Only 300 schools across Malaysia have been selected (148 primary schools and 152 secondary schools) to participate in the programme.

Sekolah Sri Tenby has been using the bi-lingual approach in the delivery of the national curriculum all these years. The programme supports and reiterates our ethos of providing national education with international approaches at Tenby Schools and our parents are strongly in support of this.

The DLP at Tenby Schools will be rolled out as the schedule below.


Message from Head of SST

Lee Mei LengIn Sekolah Sri Tenby, we nurture children with a personal touch. During the homeroom periods, homeroom teachers interact with the children to touch on good practices, good values, positive disciplines and life skills. We offer pastoral care to see to their needs in school towards effective active learning and development of soft skills. Our students are given opportunities to maximise their potential with the guidance of their teachers. We aim to produce independent learners who are able to excel in the changing world. Sekolah Sri Tenby is a unique school which provides the ideal integrated international environment for our children to interact with their peers.

Students are given the exposure to the independent learners and be able to compete on a world stage.