1. Elisabeth  (children in Yr 10 & Yr 5)

Before we came to Penang, we visited a few International Schools in Penang. We decided to choose Tenby International School for our children. It turned out that we selected the right school, which not only focus on their education, but also the well-being of the children. Tenby’s staff, children and parents are like one big family, that together look after each other. Well done Tenby, very proud to be part of it!!

2. Pauline (child in Yr 9)

Selecting Tenby for my child, as from our view, is due to the problem with our national education policies since independence, has gone through various acts of commission and omissions. Tenby has the comprehensive education coverage in education which meets my child’s needs.

3. Emi  (children in Yr 13 & Yr 10)

As an Asian parent with international school experience myself, I feel that Tenby provides my children a good balance between exposure to international perspective and practices and respecting Asian values and traditions, which of course includes aspiration for high achievement. That's very important because schools are not just about getting the grades, it is also about moulding children into good and useful citizens.

4. Lim  (children in Yr 12 & Yr 10)

I visited a few international schools in Penang before deciding to move my children from national school into Tenby. Tenby has culture diversity and yet with Asian values and the necessary discipline. Children are encouraged to learn in a positive environment where they are motivated to achieve their best.