The co-curricular programme at TIS is designed to complement the school’s curricular programme and give students meaningful learning experiences in a less formal setting. The programme has been developed so that there are three different types of activity and each student must pick at least one activity from each group.

CCA activities are offered every day of the week in two different time slots (15:10-16:20 and 16:20-17:15). Students in TISS must sign up for a minimum of one sports activity per week.

Most activities are free, although there are charges for some of them.

Pop Band, tenby TV, Yearbook, Public Speaking/Debate, Rock & Pop Vocals, Cross Stitch, Pop Guitar Ensemble, School Gardening, Water Colours, Acoustic Guitar Ensemble, Kendama, Cooking & Sewing, Living Skills, String Ensemble, Dance, Photography, Library Club, Recordings Club, Drama, Singing, Art Attack.
Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Track & Field, Dodge Ball, Zumba, Volleyball, Karate, Kickboxing, Wushu, Football, Yoga, tennis, Cricket, Netball, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Mixed Sports, Scouts, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.
Card Games, Chees, Puzzles & Board Games, Lego Construction, Speed Stacking, Computer, Mathematics
Bahasa for Beginners, Spanish for Beginners, English Language Society.

Our extensive programme allows student to experience activities which may become lifelong interests, improve skills, develop character and gain new friendships, in preparation for a higher learning and a richer, fuller life.