TISM does not provide a school bus service. Instead, we endorse local providers who meet our standards for driver(s), service(s) and vehicle(s) and we regularly check that these standards are still being met. If they are not, we withdraw our endorsement. Parents contract directly with the provider and make their own arrangements.

Luak Bay / Airport, Town / Boulevard / Pujut and Taman Bayshore

We are pleased to announce that we are endorsing the proposal of Ekda Industries (M) SB to provide services. Based on feedback received from the Parent Transportation Survey conducted in January 2013, Ekda has provisionally offered three services (Luak Bay / Airport, Town / Boulevard / Pujut and Taman Bayshore) using new Nissan mini-buses with the undertaking that should numbers allow, they will offer additional services, additional pick-ups and shorter routes. Our goal is to reach journey times of no more than 30 minutes. Note that any service, including service expansion, is dependant on passenger numbers.

Ekda LogoPlease click here for the "Transportation Services Agreement" wherein you will also find information on Ekda, how to contact them and how to sign up.