National (Malaysian) Curriculum

Standard 1 - 6 (Age 7 - 12)

The Malaysian National Curriculum is committed to developing the child holistically along intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions as reflected in the National Educational Philosophy.

Programmes and initiatives to develop non-academic components are present both during formal class time as well as through a variety of after-school co-curricular activities. All these will foster individual talents and interests along with building leadership skills.

We are preparing children for the needs of the 21st century, emphasizing the understanding of the curriculum and its needs for a wide range of subjects offered at Primary levels. The subjects are as  follows:

  • English Language, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese Language
  • Science & Mathematics
  • Islamic Education / Moral Education, Art, History, Geography, Physical & Health Education
  • ICT, Music, Design & Technology (RBT)

After completion of Secondary education, students will be able to work in a three language environment.

For Science and Mathematics, we are using a bilingual approach to learning using Tenby’s customized Activity Books for all levels. During active Science lessons, students are engaged in stating hypothesis statements, naming the variable, experimenting, interpreting data and results displayed on interactive board and making conclusions of their studies.

For ICT lessons, it inculcates computational thinking skills to produce students who will be good thinkers, problem solvers and solution seekers through the use of programming.

Sri Tenby’s Primary children progress to Secondary School with love for learning and enthusiasm for ore activity participation, and enjoy the continuous care by teachers.

Dual Language Programme (DLP) at Sekolah Sri Tenby

Sekolah Sri Tenby has been given the approval to teach Mathematics and Science in English under the Dual Language Programme (DLP) at three entry points (Standard 1, Standard 4 and Form 1) from 2016. All other classes will join these entry points after 2016.

The DLP is part of the Malaysian government's effort to uphold Bahasa Malaysia and strengthen the usage of English in schools. Only 300 schools across Malaysia have been selected (148 primary schools and 152 secondary schools) to participate in the programme.

Sekolah Sri Tenby has been using the bi-lingual approach in the delivery of the national curriculum all these years. The programme supports and reiterates our ethos of providing national education with international approaches at Tenby Schools and our parents are strongly in support of this.

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