We are pleased to announce that the UCSI Symphony Orchestra (pictured above) will visit the school on the afternoon of Saturday, May 12th. The visit will include a concert of orchestral, chamber and solo music and there will be an opportunity for Tenby students to participate in a Masterclass given by UCSI’s Associate Professor of violin, Dr. Goh Chia Chien.

Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the concert when Dr. Goh, orchestra members and their conductor, Ms. Cheryl Mah, will be pleased to interact with students and parents about playing orchestral instruments and students will have a chance to ‘try out’ individual instruments if they so wish.

The concert, which is open to all members of the Tenby community, is free of charge and will be held in the Auditorium, Block C. The provisional plan for the afternoon is as follows:

14:00hrs - 14:45hrs Performance by UCSI University Orchestra  
14:45hrs - 15:30hrs Short solo performances by orchestra members Orchestra members introduce their instruments to the students and parents
15:30hrs - 16:30hrs Violin Masterclass by Assoc. Prof. Goh Chia Chien 3 Tenby students
16:30hrs - 17:30hrs Refreshments Opportunity for audience to interact with UCSI orchestra members and staff

We recommend this event to you as a welcome opportunity to hear both live orchestral music in Ipoh and gain first hand access to orchestral players and their instruments.

Cheryl Mah is the conductor of the UCSI University symphony orchestra and teaches Conducting Skills. She is also the Resident Conductor & Music Director for the klpac Symphonic Band. Cheryl graduated from Elder Conservatorium of Music (Australia) with concurrent majors in Piano Performance and Music Education. She then completed a Performance based Master degree in Conducting and Directorship from Salford University (England, UK) under tutelages of Dr. David King and Dr. Roy Newsome, specializing in Brass Band Conducting.

Dr. Chia-Chien Goh is an Associate Professor of Music at UCSI University. He holds a doctorate in violin performance with a minor in orchestral conducting.  At the age of 22, Chia-Chien was the youngest founding member of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, when 110 musicians from 26 countries were brought together from a field of over 5,500 applicants. Dr. Goh is also a retired MMA fighter.  With a background in ITF Tae Kwan do, Muay Thai, Kyokushinkai, boxing, and Brazilian Jujitsu, he now trains for a healthy lifestyle.

For more information, please contact: 05-525 2628 (Dr Jeffrey Rowlands)