The ILMU-Tenby Scholarships are established to provide scholarships to support the education of deserving students at Tenby Schools. 

The Aims of ILMU-Tenby Scholarships: 

1)    To encourage academically able and talented students to seek admission to Tenby schools irrespective of their financial circumstances

2)   To give recognition and support to high performing and talented students.

3)   To raise the profile of Tenby Schools within the communities they serve.

Scholarships are available to both Malaysian and expatriate students currently studying or wishing to study at Tenby Schools. They are awarded on the basis of either overall academic performance or exceptional talent within arts or sport.  For exceptional talent, the students must have achieved above average academic results. Social/ economic background will also be taken into consideration as secondary criteria.

Scholarships are normally awarded for the full period of a specific academic programme (e.g. for the 2 years of an A level, IGCSE or SPM programme.) A full scholarship covers the costs of the termly school fees and is subject to a review at the end of the first year. 

The documentation required for an application is as follows: 

i.       A completed ILMU-Tenby Scholarship Application Form

ii.      Admission Application Form (for students not already on the Tenby Schools roll)

iii.      Examination certificates or results slip (IGCSE, UPSR, SPM, PT3,Checkpoints). Official Forecast results accepted for application purposes if the official results have not been released)

iv.      Testimonial from current school Principal

v.       Two (2) most recent school Examination/Progress Reports

vi.       Any relevant certificates or testimonials in addition to (4) above

vii.      A recent passport size colour photograph

viii.     A copy of the applicant’s Identity Card/Passport

ix.      Any other supporting documents 

Please contact the Office Reception at 05-5252628 for more information.

Please click here for the Scholarship Application Form.